Online Workshop on Continuous Particle Synthesis and Product Design From 04 to 06 October 2021

Kolloidale Cluster
FAU/Junwei Wang

Continuous particle synthesis is of key importance for the understanding and scalable fabrication of complex particulate products. The generation of products with tailored properties, ideally multifunctional, is of utmost importance, requiring control of all five dimensions of size, shape, surface, structure and composition.
To achieve this, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary, combining new reactors and reaction concepts for continuous manufacturing of new materials and products with modelling, simulation and optimization. Materials of interest range from noble metals and semiconductors, porous materials like metal organic frameworks to polymers and pharmaceutical materials. These can be agglomerated into so-called supraparticles that form superstructures with tailored and completely new – for instance optical – properties. Characterization, ideally inline, and process control are additional pillars, which are mandatory to achieve new materials with new properties with high throughout and on demand.
From 04 to 06 October 2021, the Erlangen Collaborative Research Centre 1411 on “Design of Particulate Products” ( organises an international workshop on continuous particle synthesis and product design. Experts with the diverse perspectives described above will review the status quo of the continuous synthesis of particulate products using state-of-the-art and newly developed methodologies.
A special focus is laid upon the identification of key challenges and intersections of the different techniques. The latter is of particular importance, as the fabrication of complex particle systems of continuously increasing complexity require diverse and interdisciplinary approaches and multidisciplinary teams. The scientific exchange between different experts in the field of particle synthesis and product design aims to identify future prospects of continuous particle formation. Overall, the workshop format will promote intense discussions and exchange between the participants and may thus become the nucleus of future joint activities.
Participation at the workshop is free of charge but registration is mandatory to log into the online event via ZOOM.
Further information and registration is available on the workshop website: online-workshop-on-continuous-particle-synthesis-and-product-design/